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It's said that, absent this place, Alonso Quijano had invented it to his lady's homeland honour. Few details have come to our days of its medieval past.

It is known that the Iberians had been raised there for a settlement of that leaved one's mark. We know that, after the conquest of Toledo in 1085, Alfonso VI expelling Arabs from almost the entire province, but La Mancha followed under Muslim domination for a century and a half more, until the victory of the Catholic Monarchs in the important Las Navas de Tolosa's battle, in 1212. Military orders in the war made the work of repopulation of these lands, a fact that supports the theory that El Toboso was under the domination of the Santiago's Order, performed some fortifications to defend the way from Toledo to Murcia.

El Toboso owes much of its fame to Cervantes work. Everything in El Toboso reminds Alonso Quijano. From there was the young Aldonza Lorenzo, whom Don Quixote call "Dulcinea". Few places around can compete with El Toboso in beauty, between its streets and squares it have historic monuments, with artistic and cultural interest as well as a lot of corners full of charm. It has Manchegas typical houses, with traditional masonry and wall buildings, and their shining white walls. With all these data about El Toboso is worth a visit searching Dulcinea's home and the Cradle of Love.

The travellers who coming to El Toboso following the universal couple footsteps, Quixote and Sancho, must do it in accordance with narrate of the Chapter IX of the second part of Don Quixote: going into the village looking for Dulcinea of El Toboso and... they've been having two hundred steps to find a large tower, and then know that this tower isn't Alcazar but the main village's church... and exclaim "with the church we've crash!". If you're carefully listening you can hear their words resound in the village's back street and corners... El Toboso... "Calm silence".



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