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This house was formerly known as home of the turret. In it Mr Esteban Martinez Zarco Morales lived, as can be inferred from his will reading, twentieth years found in the parish file, which describes in detail the weapons and shields that have to carry their descendants...

Mr Esteban Martinez Zarco de Morales, laws doctor form Bologna's University, was Ana Martinez Zarco's brother, woman who Mr Miguel de Cervantes was loved.

The house was constructed in sixtieth. It's a typical s.XVI house, it have work outbuildings on the ground floor. It has rear kitchen garden, dovecote and kitchen that recall the domestic environment of the time.

On the first floor we look antique furniture, trunks with pretty interesting hardware and a safe journey, of the Renaissance, with a mechanism that moves, with one key, more than a dozen locks. The bedroom, with time's furniture, tries to recreate the atmosphere of a bedroom exciting and popular taste...


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