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San Antonio's Church    Back

Parish church. It's late Gothic style and is dedicated to St. Anthony, village's saint. The church's plant is square, with three equal naves and rib vault of the late Gothic, relies on large columns cylindrical, with ribs that cross to comply with architectural and decorative function.

On both choirs' sides, and in nave columns, you can see the church founder's shields: the Order of Santiago, which belonged to El Toboso. In s.XVI are added three sections: the high altar, the sides and several chapels. In the irons is retained an image of St. Augustine whose head, polychrome wood, the school's Spanish s.XVII. The covers are renaissance of late s.XVI. The tower's the same century and has three parts: the first plateresque style and the two senior Herediana style.



Plaza Juan Carlos I, 1 • 45820 El Toboso • Toledo
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